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Its gonne be one of the greatest gift this year.
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Wed Jul 21 2010, 09:37pm
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U guys heard me!!!!!!!!! Im talking about Medal of Honor the beta + im getting the real game in october for 50 $ on steam.
The Graphic, the setup, well yeah everything is so good and so mutch better than Battlefield Bc.
I just dont think it can beat Mw2.
About the gameplay u can play Team DM on it and one other thing i dont remember.
Also i think that the game is build pretty realistic, if u go sniper one hs and dead, well same is at mw2 and that, but i just did something where i use one ammo 30 shots and killed 4 kills, im telling u my adrenalin raised so high that u guys wouldent belive it, its like one of u gave me crack.
Well its for sale now on steam and i wish u guys would buy it because after my appenien it stoled my heart!

Cheers and Bye
- Chris

[ Edited Wed Jul 21 2010, 09:37pm ]
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Thu Jul 22 2010, 12:44am
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Have I just smoked something?
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Thu Jul 22 2010, 12:59am

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I had it and the Beta since it was available on Steam. I already own the game. But have played less than 1 hour because its as buggy as hell, so I'll wait for the release and patch that will more than likely come on day1 or day2.

Also, most of the clan will be gettting the game anyways, so don't worry.

FYI...we are about...because of MOH:AA, so we love Medal of Honor.
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Thu Jul 22 2010, 02:55pm
The KGB Guy.
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Curently there is no game thats proper for team playing and that stuff. I hope MoH will be the one, the legendery game like cod 4
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