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Banned for a Ban.
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Mon May 11 2015, 07:29pm

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Joined: Fri Apr 20 2007, 03:15pm
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Stop arguing!
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Mon May 11 2015, 07:51pm

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Joined: Sat May 05 2007, 02:32pm
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oh no I'm not...
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Tue May 12 2015, 09:06am
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Joined: Sat Sep 15 2007, 08:06am
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he started it
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Tue May 12 2015, 07:00pm

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Joined: Mon Apr 23 2007, 10:48pm
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bed for both of you no tea
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Thu May 14 2015, 02:11am

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Joined: Thu Apr 19 2007, 09:02am
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Elvis wrote ...

I have never argued with anyone in the clan except spoony who was a complete gobshite and it wasn't me that was arguing in this post anyway...

Ahhh here, would you fuck off. You're not fooling anyone I'm sure even I've argued with ye...and I love a non gay way...kind of like how a man loves his dog ...non sexual dog love. Ahh fuck off,
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Thu May 14 2015, 05:42pm

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Joined: Sat May 05 2007, 02:32pm
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yeah I meant not argued in a nasty way not just a heated discussion - you ginger Irish twat woof woof

[ Edited Thu May 14 2015, 05:43pm ]
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