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still around
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Thu Jul 07 2011, 07:04pm
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Hey guys,

if you don't remember me... im the crazy dutch bastard that used to own you guys in games
just wanted to let you guys know im doing pretty good these days started a new job as a server side programmer for a company called Netvlies (witch translates into 'retina') a couple of weeks ago. thats and some other things have been keeping me very busy but things are settling down a bit now. ill try and keep up with the forum a bit more and drop onto vent from time to time. With the new job im finally making some money lol so it wont be too long before i buy myself some powerhouse of a desktop pc and be able to play some of these cool new games.
oh and pay some subs offcourse.

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Thu Jul 07 2011, 07:18pm

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Lo mate, never forgotten dude, good to see your making a bit of coin.
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Thu Jul 07 2011, 08:47pm
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ello mage, reinstall ur bf2 mate
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Thu Jul 07 2011, 09:00pm
The Format Guy

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good to see your doing good mage
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