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Thu Jun 14 2012, 04:01pm

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30 Yrs Ago... At 2100 hours on 14 June 1982, the commander of the Argentine garrison in Stanley, General Mario Menéndez, surrendered to the Major General Jeremy Moore. The surrender was in conflict with the Argentine Army code stating that a surrender was illegal unless more than 50% of the men were casualties and 75% of the ammunition was spent.

The terms of the surrender document were slightly changed after negotiation by General Menéndez. The phrase unconditional surrender was changed for the term surrender. The Argentines were granted:
HMS Andromeda and SS Canberra outside Port Stanley on 16 June 1982

The Argentines units will retain their flags.
The units will remain under control of their respective officers
The surrender ceremony will be private (not public)
The Argentine officers will retain their sidearms; this was because many of them feared being lynched by their own conscripts
The final point about the returning of the 11,313 prisoners of war in their own ships was not accepted and 4,167 of them were repatriated to Argentina on the ocean liner Canberra alone. The Junta had falsely claimed that the liner had been crippled during the Battle of San Carlos.

Private Richard J. Absolon
POAEM(L) Michael J Adcock
AEM(R)1 Adrian U Anslow
MEM(M)1 Frank O Armes
Able Seaman Derek D Armstrong
A/Cpl Raymound E Armstrong
A/Sgt J.L. Arthy
A/WO1 Malcolm Atkinson

Staff Sgt John I Baker
Lt Commander David I Balfour
Lt Commander Richard W Banfield
Able Seaman Andrew R Barr
Lieutenant James A Barry
Lt Commander Gordon W J Batt
A/Cpl William Begley
L/Corporal Gary D Bingley
AB(R) Ian M Boldy
POMEM(M) David R Briggs
POAEM(M) Peter Brouard
Corporal J.G. Browning
Private Gerald Bull
L/Cpl Barry C Bullers
A/Sgt Paul A Bunker
L/Corporal Anthony Burke
A/Cpl Robert Burns
Private Jason S Burt

ACWEA John D L Caddy
Marine Paul D Callan
MEM(M)1 Paul B Callus
L/Sergeant James R Carlyle
POACMN Kevin S Casey
Elect Fitter Dis Leung Chau, Merchant Navy
Bosun Yu Sik Chee, Merchant Navy
L/Cpl Simon J Cockton
Private Albert M Connett
Catering Assistant Darryl Cope
L/Corporal Anthony Cork
Private Jonathan D Crow
Sergeant Philip P. Currass
Lieutenant William A Curtis

Guardsman Ian A Dale
A/Sgt Sid A I Davidson
Marine Colin Davison
APOCA Stephen R Dawson
Guardsman D J Denholm
Captain Christopher Dent
Private Stephen J Dixon
AWEM(R) John K Dobson
Bosun John Dobson, Merchant Navy
Private Mark S Dodsworth
Cook Richard J S Dunkerley
Guardsman Michael J Dunphy

Cook Brian Easton
Guardsman Peter Edwards
WEA1 Anthony C Eggington
Sergeant Clifford Elley
Sub Lieutenant Richard C Emly
Sergeant Roger Enefer
Sergeant Andrew P Evans
Corporal Kenneth Evans
Lt Commander John E Eyton-Jones

Petty Officer Robert Fagan
Butcher Dis Sung Yuk Fai, Merchant Navy
L/Corporal Ian R Farrell
C/Sergeant Gordon P M Findlay
Corporal Peter R Fitton
CPOWTR Edmund Flanagan
Private Mark W Fletcher
A/Ldg Cook Michael P Foote
MEM(M)2 Stephen H Ford
Major Michael L Forge
Mechanic Frank Foulkes, Merchant Navy
PO(S) Michael G Fowler
Lieutenant Kenneth D Francis

WO2 Laurence Gallagher
Sapper Pradeep K Ghandi
Guardsman Mark Gibby
L/Cpl Brett P Giffin
Cook Neil A Goodall
Guardsman Glenn C Grace
Guardsman Paul Green
Private Anthony D Greenwood
S/Sergeant Christopher A Griffen
Marine Robert D Griffin
Guardsman Gareth M Griffiths
Private Neil Grose

3rd Eng Officer Christopher Hailwood, Merchant Navy
WEM(O)1 Ian P Hall
Captain Gavin J Hamilton
A/Steward Shaun Hanson
Corporal David Hardman
A/Sgt William C Hatton
Std David Hawkins, Merchant Navy
Flt Lieutenant Garth W Hawkins
Able Seaman Sean K Hayward
Lieutenant Rodney R Heath
Private Peter J Hedicker
AEM(M) Mark Henderson
2nd Eng Paul Henry
AB(EW) Stephen Heyes
L/Corporal P D Higgs
AEM(R)1 Brian P Hinge
Private Mark Holman-Smith
1st Radio Officer Ronald R Hoole
Corporal Stephen Hope
Guardsman Denis N Hughes
Mechanic James Hughes, Merchant Navy
Guardsman Gareth Hughes
A/Sgt William Hughes
A/Sgt Ian N Hunt

Private Stephen Illingsworth

MEA(P) Alexander S James
Guardsman Brian Jasper
Private Timothy R Jenkins
C/Sgt Brian R Johnston
Sapper Christopher A Jones
Private Craig D Jones
Private Michael A Jones
Lieutenant Colonel Herbert (H) Jones
A/Sgt Philip Jones

Yeung Swi Kami, Merchant Navy
Guardsman Anthony Keeble
L/Sergeant Kevin Keoghane
Laundryman Lai Chi Keung, Merchant Navy
LMEM(M) Allan J Knowles
Laundryman Kye Ben Kwo, Merchant Navy

Private Stewart I Laing
WEM(R)1 Simon J Lawson
Sergeant Robert A Leeming
MEM(M)2 Alistair R Leighton
L/Cpl Paul Lightfoot
L/Cpl Budhaparsad Limbu
Corporal Michael D Love
L/Corporal Christopher K Lovett

Marine Stephen G McAndrews
AEMN(I) Allan McAuley
Corporal Keith J McCarthy
AEA(M)2 Kelvin I McCallum
Corporal Douglas F MacCormack
A/Cpl Michael McHugh
C/Sgt Ian J McKay
L/Cpl Peter B Mckay
Corporal Stewart P F McLaughlin
Corporal Andrew G McIlvenny
Marine Gordon C MacPherson
Cook Brian J Malcolm
Guardsman David Malcolmson
Guardsman Michael J Marks
NA(AH)1 Brian Marsden
Ldg. Cook A Marshall
Private Thomas Mechan
Corporal Michael Melia
Private P W Middlewick
ALMEM(M) David Miller
L/SGT Clark Mitchell
Guardsman Christopher Mordecai
3rd Eng Off Andrew Morris
A/LS(R) Michael S Mullen
L/Corporal James H Murdoch
Lieutenant Brian Murphy

Lpt Gary T Nelson
L/Corporal Stephen J Newbury
A/Cpl John Newton
Guardsman Gareth D Nicholson
POWEM Anthony R Norman
Captain Ian North, Merchant Navy
Marine Michael J Nowak
Lieutenant Richard J Nunn
Major Roger Nutbeem

A/WO2 Sgt Patrick O'Connor
Cook David E Osborne
AWEM(N)1 David J A Ozbirn

APOWEM(R) Andrew K Palmer
Private David A Parr
Guardsman Colin C Parsons
L/Corporal John B Pashley
MEM(M)2 Terence W Perkins
Guardsman Eirwyn J Phillips
Marine Keith Phillips
Seaman Ng Por, Merchant Navy
Guardsman Gareth W Poole
Staff Sergeant James Prescott
Private Kenneth Preston
Corporal Stephen R Prior
LAEM(L) Donald L Pryce

Guardsman James B C Reynolds
Cook John R Roberts
Lt Commander Glen S Robinson-Moltke
Craftsman Mark W Rollins
Sergeant Ronald J Rotherham
Guardsman Nigel A Rowberry
Marine Anthony J Rundle

L/Cook Mark Sambles
L/Corporal David E Scott
Private Ian P Scrivens
Lt Commander John M Sephton
Craftsman Alexander Shaw
Seaman Chan Chai Sing, Merchant Navy
L/Cook Anthony E Sillence
Sergeant John Simeon
Private Francis Slough
Corporal Jeremy Smith
L/Corporal Nigel R Smith
Corporal Ian F Spencer
Steward Mark R Stephens
L/RO(W) Bernard J Still
Guardsman Archibald G Stirling
MEA2 Geoffrey L J Stockwell
L/Cpl Anthony R Streatfield
A/Weap Eng art David A Strickland
Steward John Stroud
S(M) Matthew J Stuart
WEA1 Kevin Sullivan
Cpl P S Sullivan
Cook Andrew C Swallow
L/Cpl Philip A Sweet
AAB(EW) Adrian D Sunderland
Corporal Paul Sullivan
Corporal Stephen J G Sykes

Sapper Wayne D Tarbard
Guardsman Ronald Tanbini
Lieutenant N. Taylor
Guardsman Christopher C Thomas
Guardsman Glyn K Thomas
L/Cpl Nicholas D M Thomas
Guardsman Raymound G Thomas
ACWEMN Michael Till
Lieutenant David H R Tinker
MEM(M)2 Stephen Tonkin
A/Cook Ian E Turnbull

Corporal Andrew B Uren

POACMN Collin P Vickers
Mechanic Ernest Vickers, Merchant Navy

Guardsman Andrew Walker
WEMN2 Barry J Wallis
Corporal Edward T Walpole
L/Cpl Christopher F Ward
Corporal L G Watts
Corporal Laurence Watts
Guardsman James F Weaver
Master-at-Arms Brian Welsh
Ldg Cook Adrian K Wellstead
Private Philip A West
AWEA2 Philip P White
ALMEM(M) Stephen J White
ALMEM(L) Garry Whitford
WO2 Daniel Wight
Sergeant Malcolm Wigley
Guardsman David R Williams
MEM(M)1 Gilbert S Williams
WEA/APP Ian R Williams
Cook Kevin J Williams
Marine David Wilson
Corporal Scott Wilson
Captain David A Wood
Lt Commander John S Woodhead

Falkland Island Civilians Killed

Doreen Bonner
Mary Goodwin
Susan Whitley

Non-combat deaths

WS Fraser

[ Edited Thu Jun 14 2012, 04:02pm ]
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Thu Jun 14 2012, 07:37pm

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let us not forget x
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Thu Jun 14 2012, 10:23pm

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I don't get it ?
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Fri Jun 15 2012, 06:39am
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Fri Jun 15 2012, 11:28am
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i do, wasted lifes for oil/gas.
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Fri Jun 15 2012, 01:01pm
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thing with this is its FACT the argentine's sold that island to the british 250 years ago as they had no use for it and was used as a trading post, hench they gave up the right to the falklands along time ago, they cant just ask for it back after all the killing and attacking they have done, its ours there not having it back and wont ever get it back.

they only want it back because it is rich with oil and gas and they want the money thats that simple.

the french kill those brits in that war just the same as the the argie's, selling the weapons illiggaly just for money as at the time it was a banned rocket the sunk ships and so forth.
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Sat Jun 16 2012, 01:11am
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fair enouth you know aswell as i do, the military industry dont give a fuck who they sell too that includes us. Backed by our government. The FRench are meant to be our allies. The fact is our forces are being used to further the profits of the multi national coorperations. Who now dictate to governments specialy Uk/US where we send our forces in the name of our best interests. Fuck me we been selling arms illigaly since day 1, we invented the arms trade. how can we be so defensive towards the Falklands, yet we can kick 2000 locals off Diego Garcia that have been there for generations. who in this country actually gave a shit about those poor lives? all bullshit of the highest degree. Falklands is just another part of our empire to hang on too. I have not seen evidence of the the Argies selling it to us, i see that at least 4 countries have fought over the islands. Are they worth killing over? this is 2012 why the fuck are we still acting as though we are living in medievil times. Ill tell you why money and power....god save the queen and her European family they aint English.
Our forces should wake up realise that. over and out.
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Sat Jun 16 2012, 06:13am

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Just wanted everyone to remember the people, normal people trying to earn a living in their chosen profession, or going about their business. Lets not forget that 649 Argentines also gave their lives.
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Sat Jun 16 2012, 06:58am
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R.I.P. for them all, i agree with you
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Sun Jun 17 2012, 04:11pm
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