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Quad Corrrrrr
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Sat Jan 12 2008, 08:08pm
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I just upgraded my PC to an Intel Quad core and I must say I'm very impressed although I think the fan is noisy ! Duel 1/2gig SLI graphix cards too, so I've got COD4 running at max resolution with everything turned on max!

I also changed my mobo for an ASUS gamer extreme thingy tha allows overclocking the CPU (although I dont intend too), which was so smooth to install and set up.

All I need to do now is learn to aim
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Sun Jan 13 2008, 02:33pm

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turn the fan down then - its probably running at full speed.....

I bought a different fan because the intel fan ain't up to much apparently
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Sun Jan 13 2008, 03:57pm
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Not sure if you're running XP or vista but if its vista go to the asus webby you can d/load the software to allow you to turn the fanspeed down and if you leave it in automatic mode then as the temp increases then so does the fan speed to cool it down, as it cools the speed drops again. The XP version is called cool and quiet if my memory serves me well.
Mine is nice and quiet and only increases the speeds very rarely if i am running loads of apps at the same time.
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