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Left4Dead tips
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Tue Apr 07 2009, 10:53am

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As a lot of people seem to be playing Left4Dead now, I thought i'd post a few tips I've come accross in my time playing as I vegged out on it for the first 3-4 months of release. Maybe pass them on and save me some stressful moments and hair loss when playing with yis

-Stick together , the golden rule. If you split up, go in pairs.
-Use corners, back into corners and just bash...its that simple.
-When boomed, into a corner as a group and bash bash bash.
-Certain levels should be shotgun only - i.e Hospital lvl.4
-Best way to kill a tank = set him on fire,, and run. He'll die in 30 secs
-As human, if you crouch..and turn off your flashlight...your visible outline through walls dissappears
-Crouching improves aim
-Bash = W1N !!!
-With regards to a witch, turn off flashlights, creep up and whoever has shotgun just take it to the back of her head and she goes down in 2-3
-If you get jumped,,,say something !!!SCREAM, or i'll scream at you for not doing anything
-Tell your team if your running off or hanging back etc
-BE AWARE, keep checking all around, you can see your teammates through walls, you don't need to be told theyve been pounced or smokered !!


-Attack together, wait for all to be ready to spawn
-Boomer attacks first, 2 hunters, then smoker
-Don't spawn until you need to, positions are given away by the noise. Hunters screech,boomer belch and smokers cough
-You don't need to be a large distance to spawn, just out of view, you can be right near them, crouching behind a rock or car.
-If you are too far from the humans, don't chase them, run the opposite direction, you will respawn beside the humans
-Use the buildings to climb up, Hunters get extra damage for high jumps,,,,to a max of 25dmg on a pounce

-Hunter can double/triple etc jump, Just jump into a wall, then as you hit the wall press jump again and turn theory you can just ping about everywhere
-A Hunter on Fire will do 2x damage
-If a human is in red, its more effect to run up and swipe rather than pounce
-Hunters, should wait till the enemy is boomed before pouncing, as they are blinded for about 7 secs and cannot see if someone is pounced
-Don't jump a person who has been smoked, wait for his rescue and jump him instead

-Smoker should be at the back of the group, pulling when the group is boomed.
-Smokers secondary attack is useless
-Smoker gets extra damage for pulling humans off heights
-Smokers should be behind cover , or hidden in the trees
-Job is to smoke humans to the alarmed cars in order to set them off
-Job is also to smoke to the witch to get her going mental

-Boomer is the most important of the undead / don't waste him
-The boomer spit takes 1 sec to spit, so be careful
-After your boom , recharge is generally to long, try make your way to the middle of the group and get shot to explode
-Good trick is for boomers to sit on top of ladders as humans reach the top, they cannot climb through and have no option but to shoot

-Don't go near Fire/Don't go near fire/ Don't go near fire !!!
-Take it easy as tank, dont rush into gunfire, focus on the person with the lowest energy (slowest), knock him down, and move on
-Use trees, forklifts and cars , if you knock a human with them they go down in 1 shot
-If needed stay at a distance and just launch rocks, waiting for your team of undead to respawn and then attack in the confusion
-Press TAB, note which humans have Molotovs, and stay away

Thats enough tips for now, hopefully if yous take on half my hair will return !!

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Tue Apr 07 2009, 05:49pm
The Website Guy

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Can I get a tip on how I can get this game to run on my pc ???

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Tue Apr 07 2009, 05:53pm

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Yeah, its called Google

but seriously, your a CS:S player, i'm near positive L4D is made by valve and runs on the Source Engine. You'd prob know more than most about it

[ Edited Tue Apr 07 2009, 05:54pm ]
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Tue Apr 07 2009, 08:25pm
The Website Guy

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Yeah true, I'll get on a server and check my rates etc. like we do in CS:S.
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