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Thu Jun 07 2007, 10:30pm
Yeh im very sorry guys. It was just simply a way to get back at UFGL after what happened and now its all sorted im happy to say none of it is true.

UFGL are a very hardworking league with good respectful admins that do their job. They aint lazy, they have just had alot of work to do recently.

Please accept my most humble apologies and re-consider joining UFGL as we would love to have a clan like you in our community.

So lets start fresh?

Hey DoWUK,
Im matrix, a {DoWUK Link} admin and i am here to persuade you into joining the best mohaa community around!

UFGL - Under Fire Gaming Leagues is one of the longest running mohaa leagues to date and have seen alot of successful seasons go by. We are a great community that has it all to offer.

We are currently running a vast amount of ladders for our MoH:AA side of the league including Objective Realism, Team Death Match Realism, Freeze Tag Team Death Match Realsim, Objective Custom Maps Realism and many other smaller ladders including Objective Realism 2v2, Team Death Match Realism 2v2 and a veriety of 1v1 ladders for individual enjoyment. Each ladder has a very active and capable admin who is dedicated to his / her work to make your experience in UFGL more comfortable and enjoyable.

Each day UFGL are thinking of ways to improve our ladders and community. We have already started work on a new website that makes arranging alot easier, stress free and more fun. We are also working on newer, more advanced scripts to make UFGL a bigger and better league than it already is now. Also in developement is our very own cup system! This cup system will be like no others you have seen, its going to be fully automated so no admins need to be told the score and your place in the next round will automatically be entered into our database and on the cup table!

UFGL is a cheat free community that dissagrees with any hacker in the game. We have a custom DMW script that bans a player on our website as soon as that person is banned on DMW World! So no more telling the admins about a DMW Banned player because we already know! This script is unique to our gaming league and is very reliable!

As part of the UFGL Admin staff, i am formally inviting you to join or leagues and become apart of our civilised community. We have the best support around and our only priority is making you happy!

Matrix - UFGL Objective Custom Maps Realism / Objective Realism 2v2 Admin
Contact me! MSN : -email-
Xfire: bwsmatrix
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