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bullet Mobster
25 Sep : 23:28
bullet DazzerG
25 Sep : 18:48
bullet M@vrik
ATI is back 1st of October

Who are up for Sunday night scrims ?
25 Sep : 13:31
bullet Fitzy
My email redirect isn't working, any chance someone can poke it into life? Taaaa
22 Sep : 03:28
bullet M@vrik
03 Sep : 16:57
bullet Ripper
have you used the previlege key if so can you come amke some admins pet
07 Aug : 19:24
bullet M@vrik
New TS & Game server set up ...
06 Aug : 20:12
bullet DazzerG
You're now a trained Ninja?
03 Aug : 08:47
bullet Ripper
im back tired but experianced in ways you couldnt imagine
01 Aug : 19:31
bullet DazzerG
They're all on their Hols at the mo, except Me & Mel.
22 Jul : 17:01
bullet Fitzy
That'll upset the 2 people at a time that frequent! Where has everyone gone?
22 Jul : 16:30
bullet M@vrik
TS might go down for 48hrs as work being done on dedi box.
20 Jul : 20:31
bullet Mobster
free game - {DoWUK Link}
22 Jun : 19:39
bullet Ripper
needs a few like in not playing 2v3
11 Jun : 17:56
bullet M@vrik
Mixed Inter-clan tonight 20:30 ???
11 Jun : 17:14

CoD4 Server

Welcome to DoWUK ...
Stop Press!

No new members...
Just old ones...
some very old...
and rotund..

That is all.

DoWUK 10 Year Anniversay Clan Meeting

.... RIGHT GUYS ITS Northampton 2012
ALL members are more than welcome to come celebrate...Rooms are getting booked as we speak...
It starts the 20th of July to the 22nd...You can do 1 night or 2...
And you're all more than welcome...
If you want to come then please let us know, we need to know numbers to ensure your not sleeping in a skip
If your having trouble logging in then contact a DoWUK member on Xfire, Steam or Origin.. and let them know... Im looking forward to it already

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