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bullet Mobster
Hi Kevez , all good thanks , not many of us playing much these days , I'm just playing PUBG with rucker -- hooked on it lol
06 Nov : 06:36
bullet kevez
Hi mobby
Thing are all good!!
How about yourself is there anyone playing games anymore?
27 Oct : 16:11
bullet Deathwish
Good afternoon ladies and gents
27 Oct : 13:01
bullet Mobster
Hi Kevez how's things ?
21 Oct : 17:56
bullet kevez
20 Oct : 20:23
bullet Ripper
sounds like fun
19 Feb : 20:34
bullet M@vrik
Spoke to our current host for TS and server - TS will be back on line.
Also have availability of Battalion 1944 server if we want to try out?
17 Feb : 10:55
bullet Ripper
go for it mav cheers mate
11 Feb : 20:27
bullet DazzerG
We do have Discord channel set up for DoWUK
07 Feb : 17:08
bullet M@vrik
I can get a 10 slot TS3 server for 6 months for around £7 total

Do we go with that?
06 Feb : 23:05
bullet M@vrik
Have we got discord set up?

Gonna cancel the server and TS - I'll confirm date it goes off-line when I know.
06 Feb : 22:49
bullet Reddog
With a few friends we run a TS server from nitrado, we pay 3.6€ a month for 12 slot just so you know
29 Jan : 21:38
bullet DazzerG
Could always use Discord as Comms?
28 Jan : 00:24
bullet M@vrik
Guys what we wanna do about the CoD4 server?
We dont need it (well not at the moment?)
Do we cancel it?
Can we get alternative free comms?
25 Jan : 20:03
bullet Elvis
12 Dec : 21:14

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Main TS

CoD4 Server

just using this to see if we can get a google index {DoWUK Link} or click here to get DoWUK into the ATI google listing ... {DoWUK Link}

{DoWUK Link}