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bullet Elvis
12 Dec : 21:14
bullet Mobster
my steam account was hacked 2 months ago!
30 Oct : 18:35
bullet Fitzy
My steam account that was linked to my email redirect (that I still can't access) was hacked by a cheeky Russian bastard, recommend changing the passwords on yours just in case
29 Oct : 22:20
bullet DazzerG
Wolfenstein The Old Blood is cheap @ CDKeys

{DoWUK Link}
22 Oct : 12:28
bullet Mobster
25 Sep : 23:28
bullet DazzerG
25 Sep : 18:48
bullet M@vrik
ATI is back 1st of October

Who are up for Sunday night scrims ?
25 Sep : 13:31
bullet Fitzy
My email redirect isn't working, any chance someone can poke it into life? Taaaa
22 Sep : 03:28
bullet M@vrik
03 Sep : 16:57
bullet Ripper
have you used the previlege key if so can you come amke some admins pet
07 Aug : 19:24
bullet M@vrik
New TS & Game server set up ...
06 Aug : 20:12
bullet DazzerG
You're now a trained Ninja?
03 Aug : 08:47
bullet Ripper
im back tired but experianced in ways you couldnt imagine
01 Aug : 19:31
bullet DazzerG
They're all on their Hols at the mo, except Me & Mel.
22 Jul : 17:01
bullet Fitzy
That'll upset the 2 people at a time that frequent! Where has everyone gone?
22 Jul : 16:30

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just using this to see if we can get a google index {DoWUK Link} or click here to get DoWUK into the ATI google listing ... {DoWUK Link}